Baptism Meeting

Sun Nov 19, 201710am

Do You Desire to Follow Christ’s Command to Believers to Be Baptized?

Testifying to your faith in Christ through baptism is something every believer is commanded to do. Plus, it’s an incredible experience.

A Few Specifics You Should Know

  • Pre-Baptism Meeting is November 19th @ 10am in the Tank.
  • Baptism services are December 31st.
  • All baptism candidates are required to attend the pre-baptism classes at Redemption Chapel.
  • Baptism is offered to those twelve years of age and older.
  • We never require baptism, but do encourage it as a one-time testimony after someone enters into a personal relationship with Christ.
  • Attendance at the pre-baptism class does not require you to actually be baptized if you are not ready to do so. If you would simply like more information about our beliefs concerning this ordinance or a chance to ask more questions, please feel free to sign-up and attend.


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