Women’s Retreat 2018

Fri Mar 2, 20187pm

Maybe you’ve heard the idea that in heaven, every tribe, tongue, and nation will be united together in their praise of God. But what about now? How can we let the Gospel propel us across boundaries, differences, cultures, and ethnicities? How can we take risks to love people around us who aren’t like us? To enter into their experiences, understand their unique perspectives, and love them like Jesus loves us? That’s a tall order. Especially in a culture that currently seems SO polarizing on so many fronts. It’s all about BECOMING…

Ladies, as the relational connectors in your communities, you have incredible power to take risks and bring healing unity to the already fractured Body of Christ. Let’s take some time to really talk about that. Join us as we get away for an overnight. No distractions for 24 hours! Just time with your pals, good food, and great discussion around God’s Word.

Join us March 2 at the Walhouse Inn in Walnut Creek, OH.

You can register for the retreat by clicking here and you can make reservations directly at the Walhouse here: https://www.wallhousehotels.com/. Just tell them you’re with Redemption Chapel.


New to the church? Having trouble finding a roomie or two? No worries, we’re setting up a retreat FB page so that people can chat and make plans for rooming, rides, etc. After you register here, we’ll get you in the pipeline to join that page.

For more info email shannon.mckee@redemptionchapel.com.

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