There’s much more to connecting with God and being transformed by him than just Sunday morning. That’s because some of your spiritual needs can’t be met in a worship service. You need the next step – a Community Group where you can laugh, learn and do life together. If you have heard about Redemption 101, you know it is a first stop for anyone wanting to get connected to our church. It is also a great starting point for anyone wanting to get into a Community Group. Consider signing up for the next Redemption 101. If you cannot attend and still want to get into a Community Group please email jarrod.williams@redemptionchapel.com.


No. If you consider Redemption Chapel your church home, we would welcome you to attend a membership class. However, you do not need to be a member to be in a Community Group.
Because we desire that groups would help us to be family, groups generally meet in homes. A typical meeting will involve food, conversation, prayer and discussion about applying the Bible to practical living.
Groups meet at least twice each month.
A Community Group is a small group designed to provide a community where principles of spiritual growth can be cultivated in a more intimate setting of 8-18 people. Once the group grows larger than that, we’ll look at multiplying the group into two new groups.
We believe that authentic community takes time and commitment to form. So, we discourage group-hopping. However, we also understand that it is important that one feels a sense of connection and fit with their group. That doesn’t always happen on the first try. So, if you’ve tried before, please don’t give up.
Because consistency is critical for a group to form any sense of authentic community, we would ask that attendees participate in more than half of the group meetings. Individuals who are having challenges with group meeting time should contact us to find a group that might be a more appropriate fit.
Community Groups are a great way for you to grow in a relationship with Christ. Please do not allow fear to limit your participation in group life at our church!
Community Groups are an environment for building relationships which strongly emphasizes challenging one another to apply the Word of God to life and practice. The ABC’s of group life are: accountability, belonging, and care. In most cases, the study and discussion is geared toward practical life application and transformation rather than intensive Bible teaching.