NEXT WORKSHOP | Relationships

July 2 | 7-9pm

One of the most common topics in the church is relationships, whether it be about singleness, dating, or marriage. Navigating what these aspects entail biblically can be tricky, especially with the constant influence of culture peering over our shoulder. It becomes even more challenging during the young adult phase when everyone seems to have an opinion - it's all anyone seems to talk about! Fortunately, Pastor Sean and his wife Kelly are hosting our relationships workshop. They will offer a healthy, biblical perspective on the subject, equipping young adults with knowledge, resources, and a solid foundation for understanding what healthy relationships entail.

  • For Young Adults (ages 18 to 29)
  • Tuesday, July 2 from 7pm to 9pm
  • Teaching, Table work, and Q&A
  • No cost or registration required!

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