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If you are in addiction, our heart breaks for you. It’s eroding your life. You know it. You don’t want to admit it. You know you should get clean. You don’t know if you can get clean. You lack hope. There is a way out. Listen to these stories of folks who have found that Way. And then follow the steps below.

To see real life stories that have experienced freedom from addiction please watch this video…

AA Meeting

• Thursdays @ 6:30pm in Big Room B
• Addicts are welcome here!
• For more info email
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Families Facing Addiction (FFA) offers a safe place to be honest about the effects of a loved ones addiction. We provide  hope, comfort and direction to the family of the loved one struggling. Shame keeps us isolated and stuck in the problem. The first step towards hope is connection . You are not alone. Come connect with those who are on their own road to recovery from the effects of a loved ones addiction. 

*Our FFA meetings happen on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 9:30-11am in the Bridge.


Our church has a huge heart to see people trapped in addiction experience freedom. Even with all that compassion, there can still be a lot of misunderstanding. Addiction impacts every one of us on some level. To grow in compassion and effectiveness in caring for those who struggle with addiction, feel free to watch this video and hear from an expert in the field as well as hearing from those that wrestle with addiction. THIS IS FOR EVERYONE NOT JUST FOR THOSE THAT STRUGGLE WITH ADDICTION.