Mike Quarterman

Gary Durbin

I was born and raised in Akron. I did not grow up going to church. As a teenager I found myself helping out at Christian concerts with a friend and that is when I accepted Christ at the age of 15. As so many do, I did not have a close relationship with Jesus. I did not start to develop my relationship with the Lord until I met my wife Becky at the age of 25. I came into that relationship as a single father of a 5-year-old boy. Fast forward 20 years and wow have things changed. We have a wonderful son Noah who is 14. In 2015 my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is the strongest person I know. After her recovery we decided to become foster parents to help children and their families and if the Lord decided to use us in other ways, then we could grow our family through adoption. We have since adopted our very first placement that came to our home when she was 5 days old. Jaydiz is a beautiful little 4 year old girl now. We have had many children in our home over the past few years and hope to continue helping as long as the Lord needs us.