November 15 | 6:30pm

We continue to be troubled as we look at where our culture is in terms of race relations. Clearly there is hurt and a divide when we look at culture. As believers, we want to stand in that divide and bring about healing and reconciliation. We have an opportunity to do that with our brothers and sisters in Christ from SPAN ministries. Span is a primarily African American church that we partner with. We want to provide an opportunity to help close that divide and step towards each other in the unity of the gospel. We need to be able to talk about the reality of what is going on, and this Crossover event will hopefully provide a safe opportunity to talk about it. More than just discuss the issue, we will be able to come together in the unity of the gospel and worship together. Hope to see you there.

Location: Redemption Chapel Big Room

Deadline to Register: Wednesday, November 13


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