8th Grade Afterparty

May 17 | 7-8:30pm

It’s nearly summer and that means another school year is coming to a close. And another class of 8th grade students are graduating out of middle school. We want to celebrate our 8th grade students and transition them well into our high school ministry. So we’re gonna pull them for part of MDWK on May 17th, share about Gather and invite them to check Gather out for our last Gather of the year, all while enjoying an ice cream sundae bar. Class of 2027: we hope you’ll join us that night!

• May 17th during MDWK
Ice Cream Sundae provided
Opportunity to learn more about our high school ministry
No registration necessary, just show up to MDWK

Email johnny.fielding@redemptionchapel.com for more info.

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