If you are dealing with an emergency because someone might harm him/herself or others, the solution is to take the person to a hospital (or call 911 if he/she won’t go). When you schedule an appointment with a counselor/psychologist/psychiatrist, you might have a 2-4 week wait time, which won’t address the critical and urgent need. For teenagers or kids, Akron Children’s is also the gateway to a program called PHP, as well as IOP – great programs for teens in crisis. They have counselors, therapy sessions, psychiatrists – a whole team. Similar to scheduling a counselling appointment, their programs need scheduled and sometimes have a waiting list. So, if it is a serious emergency, go the ER.


Dayspring Counseling
marriages, family and individual counseling

4466 Darrow Rd., Stow | 330-688-2414

Emerge Ministries
family, marriage, children, eating disorders, trauma, substance abuse; psychotherapy
900 Mull Ave., Akron | 330-867-5603

Fieldstone Counseling
individual, family, marriage
1559 Corporate Woods Parkway, Ste 10, Uniontown, OH 44685

Free to Be Ministries
individual, family, marriage
3480 W Market St. Suite 205

Fairlawn, OH 44333 | 330-552-8922

Pathways Counseling
individuals, children, family, marriage

85 Community Rd., Tallmadge | 330-633-1206

Renew Counseling Ministries
family, marriage, children, eating disorders, trauma, substance abuse; psychotherapy
2680 West Market St., Fairlawn | 234-867-5001


Brian Tindall

1790 Town Park Blvd. Suite C, Uniontown | 330-896-0856


Grief Care Place
Redmon Funeral Home

4499 Darrow Road, Stow | 330-686-1750


The Emily Program
Cleveland | 888-364-5977 

New Beginnings Eating Disorder Center
Akron | 330-666-5004


Dr. Maher Mansour
3200 W. Market St, #205, Akron | 330-836-6825a

Dr. Thomas Robb (specializes in Addiction)
444 N. Main Street, 6th Floor, Akron | 330-379-8190


ADM Crisis Center
detox facility for Summit county residents
15 Frederick Ave., Akron | 330-996-7730

Haven of Rest
recovery, rehabilitation, and preparation for a return to productive living
175 E Market St., Akron | 330-535-1563

Interval Brotherhood Home
individualized, abstinence-based & holistic processes that include clinical & educational treatment, spiritual care, sober housing, employment training & transportation
3445 S Main St., Akron | 330-644-4095

New Destiny Treatment Center
holistic, Christian approach for the chemically dependent
Clinton, OH | 866-243-6206

St. Thomas Hospital
offers inpatient & outpatient substance abuse treatment & detoxification (for non-Summit county residents also)
45 Arch Street, Akron | 330-375-3000

Hotline: 330-379-9755

Teen Challenge
a residential, Christian, faith-based discipleship and recovery support program for men & women 18 and older
Men: Youngstown, OH | 330-743-9030
Women: Willard, OH | 419-933-7777


Shelter Care
very low cost but skilled counsel for teenage boys
Wes Fair Tallmadge | 330-686-1750

Safe Landing
part of Shelter Care, very low cost but skilled counsel for  boys and girls, ages 11-17
Su Hunt and Annie Root | 330-784-7200