For the months of June, July and August we are giving a date night challenge for all married couples. Each month we will provide new fun date challenges that are meant to bring intentionality in your marriage and give you an opportunity to win a prize! 


1. Choose one of the two date night challenges to complete and put your date on the calendar. (Scroll to the bottom of the page)

2. Take a picture of you and your spouse on your date.

3. Fill out our date night challenge form with your date photo for a chance to win a prize!


• 1st prize:  2 Guardian’s tickets and a $50 giftcard to the restaurant of your choice.

• 2nd and 3rd prize:  Free tickets to Journey to Us Marriage conference

(If you go on both dates, fill out the form with a photo from each date for twice the chances to win.)


1. Go on a hike together and enjoy nature.
2. Try a new local restaurant together.

While on your date, talk through these prompts together:

  • What were some of the characteristics that drew you to one another when you first started dating? How have these characteristics blossomed and grown as you’ve been married?
  • What are you most thankful for your spouse for? How has God blessed you with them?
  • Talk about how God has grown you through the mountains and valleys of marriage and life. How has God worked in your life and marriage?
  • How do you want your marriage to grow in 2024? How can you love each other more like Jesus this year?