Please take a moment and watch this challenge from Pastor Rick about discipleship always.


  • Make a plan for corporate worship (join us in person and lean into masks/social distancing or join us online)


  • Use the resources on our Meet with God page to consistently spend time with him
  • Sign up for the men’s or women’s fall Bible study (click here for more info and to sign up)


  • Serve in the church (click here to see a list of places you can serve and also to sign up)
  • Serve outside the church to help others come to know Jesus:
    • Write out your faith story and share it with someone (in person or online)
    • Praying with others
    • Inviting others to church (in person or online)
  • Give to the church (click here for more info on giving and to give online)
  • Connect with local mission partner and help them (click here for more info on our local mission partners)