• Our volunteers will wear masks, get their temperature taken when they arrive at church, and wash their hands when they arrive.
  • We will not ask kids to social distance, but we will have them sanitize their hands when they arrive. We will ask you to temp them at home. At check-in, our volunteers will ask you if your kids have been temped today. If they haven’t, you will need to take them to the Hub Desk to get their temperature taken. If they have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, we ask that you keep them home.
  • In compliance with the Ohio daycare policies, we will require kids in 3rd grade and up to wear masks.
  • The doors of our classrooms will open 15 minutes before services begin, so at 9am for first service and 10:45am for second service. While you will be able to print tags before this time, you will not be able to leave your child in their classroom until 15 minutes before service.
  • Between services we will be sanitizing common touch points such as chairs, tables, doorknobs, and toys. We need time to do this between services, so please come to get your kids as soon as possible after service ends so that we can begin check-in for the next service on time.
  • We will not be serving snacks.

Thanks for your patience with us as we try to come up with solutions in these strange times. Our heart is to keep our kids and volunteers safe, to allow kids to have fun, and to help kids and families know Jesus. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Peter Knotts
Kidzone Director