Spiritual mentoring is built into the fabric of the Bible. God’s words exhort us over and over again to teach, model, and encourage each other in the faith. And, even though the term “mentor” is not in the Bible, there are many instances of those who are wiser and more experienced in their Christian faith acting as mentors to those who are younger or newer in the faith.

So, what exactly is mentoring? A Christian mentor is simply someone committed to offering to you love, guidance, support, and accountability, all founded on Biblical truth. Sometimes it’s general in getting you established in your faith; other times it is for a specific season or issue. Sometimes it happens on a one-to-one basis; in other cases, it happens in a small group setting.

You’ll likely have a multitude of mentors over the years – different people who can challenge you professionally, in your personal growth, with your finances, in life management, in your marriage, or as you parent through various life stages. A single mentor isn’t a superhero who will offer expertise, guidance, and wisdom in every area of your life.

But, for this season that you’re in, we’d love to help come alongside you by helping you find a mentor within the Redemption Chapel family. We have a host of godly men and women who are eager to help you grow in your journey – whether that means giving you the foundation you need in your fresh, new relationship with Christ or it’s helping you get unstuck in some area of your spiritual life. We look forward to connecting with you. And we pray it will be used by God to bless you and help you. He cares for you and wants to help you flourish in your walk with Him.

To maximize that time and help us connect you with the right mentoring situation, it would benefit us greatly to get some info and background first. Please click the link below and fill out a short application to get the ball rolling. Once you submit the application, you can expect to hear back from us within the week.

Mentoring application