1. Click Here

2. Enter your phone number. 
    • This will send you a verification code to your phone enter that number on the spaces available then submit.

3. Should locate your name in the system and you click on Log in as NAME.

4. Click on the 3 lines in top right hand corner and select give. 

5. Type in the dollar amount you’d like to set up your gift.

6. Select frequency: one time or regularly.
    • If you select regularly, indicate when you would like the recurring gift to be given and when you would like it to begin.   

7. Select your payment method. 
    • This is the area you can add account information 

 8. Once payment method is created and selected you can cover the processing fees as well and submit the green/blue box indicating to process your donation.  

Please email our Director of Operations if you have any questions: angela.charvat@redemptionchapel.com.