As Christians, we’re called to be on mission with Jesus. And we want to rise the privilege of that adventure for the blessing of our neighbors and the glory of God. Use this page a toolkit for practical ways to be aware, to care, to pray, and to share as we are on mission together.

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Create a map of your neighborhood and label it with names of neighbors. If you don't know them yet, try to introduce yourself and get to know them.

Evaluate the "circles of influence" of people in your life (example - work, gym, local coffee shop you visit regularly, etc.)

Participate in your city's trick or treat by setting up a bonfire and chairs in your driveway and pass out candy to kids (be sure to interact with the parents who may be with the kids as well).

Read The Simplest Way to Change the World

Think about the establishments you frequent (coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores). How can you leverage your time there to engage with people and treat them as people loved by God? How can these mundane moments have eternal significance?


Read this article on how to pray for people to come to Christ.

Do a prayer walk around your neighborhood (pray for your neighbors by name with the help of the map you created in the "aware" section).

Begin to pray for the people in your "circles of influence." You could also begin to pray that God shows you opportunities to get to know them and to share the Gospel with people in these circles.

Ask your neighbors and co-workers what you can be praying for in their lives. Create a list of those things and begin praying for them consistently.

Begin to pray for your kids teachers and/or coaches. Pray that they come to Jesus and you would have opportunities (or even for your kids to have the opportunity) to share Christ with them.


Create "contact care cards" that include your info and an invite for people to contact you for any practical needs they may have. You may want to include the things you can and are willing to do so there are some boundaries on what they ask of you. You can use a free program like Canva to create the cards.

Cut the grass for a neighbor and use the opportunity to explain you're doing it to show them the love of Jesus.

Rake the leaves for a neighbor and use the opportunity to explain you're doing it to show them the love of Jesus.

Bake Christmas cookies and pass them out to your neighbors with an invite for them to join you at our Christmas Eve services.

Have one unbelieving family over for dinner or a cook out from your circle of influence.


Read Godspace

Download and use the Share Jesus Without Fear app

Invite a neighbor over for dinner and practice some of the stuff you learned from Godspace and Share Jesus Without Fear.

Film yourself sharing your personal faith story and post it on your social media accounts. Encourage people to message you if they have any questions.

Pass out Door Video cards or stickers out to friends, co-workers, and those in your neighborhood and ask them to watch it so they can learn more about what you believe is the most important thing in the world. Encourage them to come to you if they have any questions after watching. These cards are available by the North and South entrances of our building.

What happens when you share the Gospel and someone responds? It’s now time to help them grow in their new relationship with God. To do so, check out the resources below which will help them on their journey to Christian growth.