We take God seriously, but we don’t take ourselves very seriously.  This is a driving motto around Redemption Chapel. He has called our church to join in the great Kingdom mission – to see many people KNOW, GROW and GO. We take that very seriously. It’s a huge vision, a huge challenge. But, we don’t take ourselves all that seriously. We are all painfully aware that, apart from God, nothing of eternal significance will happen. We are completely and utterly dependent on God. Therefore, we want to pray. We want to link together to link to God. We want to pray Kingdom prayers, to ask for his blessing on our church, to ask Him to act on behalf of His ministry. And we want to do that together. Let’s link together and PRAY!

Every month we update this page with specific prayers with a weekly focus, which you can find below.




New Hire
We’re currently taking applications and interviewing for a new position on our staff team (you can get more info on that here). We love the chemistry on our staff team and what God is doing in and through our church so we take hiring very seriously. Pray that the Lord gives us wisdom as we interview people and look for the right person for this job.

Tribal Wars
This is one of our biggest student outreach events of the year as tons of middle schoolers will be in our building for three Friday nights in February to play crazy games and most importantly hear the Gospel. Pray our students would be intentional with inviting their non-Christians friends and that their friends would respond to the Gospel message. Pray for our student ministries staff and volunteers as they run this huge event and look to follow up with the students who receive Christ. Pray those students would get plugged into our church and start growing in their new faith.


Our church would be a blessing to the community.
We want to be more than the big church in Stow that causes traffic problems on Sunday mornings. We want to be a blessing to our community and a place where people in the community can find hope in Christ. We want to be the kind of church that if we ceased to exist our community would miss us. Pray that our church would always be looking for creative ways to bless our community and that we represent Christ well to our neighbors.

We would be people of forgiveness.
Life and relationships are hard and messy. This often leads to conflicts that leave people bitter and hurt. Many times forgiveness after these situations are hard. Pray that those in our church who are holding on to angry, bitterness, and pain would forgive those that have hurt them and find healing. Pray that those who have wronged others would be convicted and seek out forgiveness from those they hurt. Pray that are church would be full of people who forgive others because they realize that Jesus radically forgave them.


Oaxaca Mission Trip 
This week a team of 6 adults are in Oaxaca, Mexico serving alongside one of our global mission partners. Pray that this team would have a great week of blessing our mission partners as well as sharing the Gospel with people there in Oaxaca. Pray for their safety, spiritual growth, team unity, and most of all opportunities to advance God’s Kingdom.

We would go and advance God’s Kingdom here.
It’s easy for us to forget that we have the opportunity every day to go advance God’s Kingdom right here. As we spend time with our families, spend time in our community, and work our jobs we have a chance to advance God’s Kingdom. Pray that we would not miss that opportunity and see our ever day lives as a chance to advance God’s Kingdom. Pray that we would be a church full of people who have this vision and mindset daily.


Women’s Retreat
This weekend our women will be going away for a weekend retreat. There will be times of worship and Bible stuff and also plenty of time for the women to be with one another and grow in relationship. Pray that God would grow these women in their faith and also they would grow in their love for one another. Pray they would have a great time of refreshing and taking a break from the daily grind.

1 Corinthians 1:10 says, “I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment.” We want to pray this same prayer for our church. We want to be a church that is unified and free of division. This takes humility and repentance from us all. Pray that we would all be seeking this kind of unity as a church. If there is any division pray that we would be convicted of that and seek restoration with those involved.