We take God seriously, but we don’t take ourselves very seriously.  This is a driving motto around Redemption Chapel. He has called our church to join in the great Kingdom mission – to see many people KNOW, GROW and GO. We take that very seriously. It’s a huge vision, a huge challenge. But, we don’t take ourselves all that seriously. We are all painfully aware that, apart from God, nothing of eternal significance will happen. We are completely and utterly dependent on God. Therefore, we want to pray. We want to link together to link to God. We want to pray Kingdom prayers, to ask for his blessing on our church, to ask Him to act on behalf of His ministry. And we want to do that together. Let’s link together and PRAY!

Every month we update this page with specific prayers with a weekly focus, which you can find below.




Women who have had an abortion
Our staff recently spent some time talking about how we minister to women who have had an abortion. We even talked about how we should minister to the men involved as well. We want to be a church that does not condemn these people but shows them love and grace. Please pray for anyone in our congregation who has this in their past would find healing in Christ and would find our church to be a safe place to share their story. Pray we as a church would not respond to these people with condemnation but with love and grace.

Community Groups
We love our community groups and how God is using them to give people a place to be known and loved. As our church grows larger it becomes more and more important we have healthy community groups so people don’t fall through the cracks. We want everyone to find a group where they can truly experience the body of Christ in action. Pray that our groups continue to be a blessing to everyone involved as well as for new groups to be launched as needed.

MARCH 9-15

Opening Weekend
We have a big weekend coming up as we open our new facility. We will kick things off with a Worship Night on Friday night and then begin Sunday services (and new service times) on Sunday. Pray that we fill the new Worship Center with sincere praise to our Lord on Friday night and we come back on Sunday ready for more. Pray that we use this weekend as an opportunity to invite friends and family, especially those that don’t know Christ, to join us.

God would use our new facility to reach more people
Our hope and prayer for our new facility is that God would use it to grow his Kingdom not ours. We don’t want to just be the “big church in town” with an awesome building. We want to be a church that used our facility to advance God’s Kingdom so more people can come to know, grow, and go. Pray the Lord keeps us from being prideful or bad stewards of our new facility but instead be open to letting God use it how he sees fit.

MARCH 16-22

College Students
We’re blessed to have a ton of college students that come to our church. We want to pray for these students that they walk with God in this unique season of life. Pray they would not follow the crowd but instead follow Christ no matter how countercultural it might be. Pray they would be witnesses for Christ on their campus and would stay plugged into our church as they go through this season of life.

We currently have one missionary couple serving overseas and two other couples raising support and training to do the same. Pray for these couples as they follow the Lord’s call on their lives. Pray they would have unity within their marriages and mission teams. Pray they would have growing opportunities to share the Gospel and reach the nations. Pray God would provide the financial support they need so they can focus on their mission.

MARCH 23-29

We’re so grateful for the three pastors that lead our church. Pray for God’s guidance in their lives and ministry as they oversee and lead our congregation. Pray that they would walk with Jesus and be growing in their love for him. Pray that they would be leading their families well. Pray for our congregation to follow their leadership and submit to their pastoral authority as much as they are obedient to God and his Word.

People sharing the Gospel
Pray that we would be a church full of people who share the Gospel as we spend time with friends, go to work, and engage in our community. Pray for boldness to speak up and share the good news of Christ when we have the opportunity.


Spiritually Single People
There are many people in our congregation that are spiritually single. By this we mean that they are married to someone who isn’t a believer. This often leads to much frustration and loneliness. Pray these people find our church to be a place where they can experience community and don’t have to feel alone. Pray for their spouses to come to know Christ and start to walk with him alongside their spouse. Pray these spiritually single people would be at our next Wounded class this week to share their struggle and hear from others.

People struggling with anxiety and depression
These are real issues that many people struggle with. Pray these people would turn to God and find help in him. Pray they would seek help and not try and tackle it alone. Pray God would grant them peace through his Word and church and they would experience hope in him.