We take God seriously, but we don’t take ourselves very seriously.  This is a driving motto around Redemption Chapel. He has called our church to join in the great Kingdom mission – to see many people KNOW, GROW and GO. We take that very seriously. It’s a huge vision, a huge challenge. But, we don’t take ourselves all that seriously. We are all painfully aware that, apart from God, nothing of eternal significance will happen. We are completely and utterly dependent on God. Therefore, we want to pray. We want to link together to link to God. We want to pray Kingdom prayers, to ask for his blessing on our church, to ask Him to act on behalf of His ministry. And we want to do that together. Let’s link together and PRAY!

Every month we update this page with specific prayers with a weekly focus, which you can find below.




Redemption 101
This is the first stop for people who want to get more involved in our church. Please pray for these people as they come to not only learn a lot about who we are as a church but also discover ways to get plugged in to the life of the church.

New Deacon and Elder Selection Process
This month we begin the process of selecting a handful of new deacons and elders to join our current elder and deacon teams in 2020. Pray for us a church to nominate the right men for these roles and pray for the men selected and chosen to be men God would use to bless our church.


Women’s Bible Study
Our next women’s Bible study starts tonight and tomorrow morning. Pray for these women as they dive into God’s Word to be transformed by what they are reading and discussing. Pray the Lord will help them not only hear but apply what they learn to their everyday lives.

Edge Bash
This is one of our biggest outreach events of the year for middle school students. Pray for this event as it attracts a ton of middle schoolers to our church for a huge late night event. Pray students would not only come and have a blast but would hear and respond to the Gospel message that will be given. Pray our regular students would be bold in asking their friends who don’t know Jesus to come to this event and hear the Gospel.


Men’s Bible Study
This Saturday our next men’s Bible study starts. Pray for these men as they dive into God’s Word to be transformed by what they are reading and discussing. Pray the Lord will help them not only hear but apply what they learn to their everyday lives.

Our church wouldn’t be what it is without our awesome volunteers. Thank the Lord for these men and women who give up time and energy to serve the Him here at our church. Pray they would not just check the volunteer box but would serve in their area with desire, passion, and excellence.


Addiction Ministry
We have a growing addiction ministry here at our church. We have also been able to see many of those involved jump into the life of our church. Pray for this ministry to continue attracting and providing healing to more addicts in our community. Also, pray this ministry would be an onramp for those addicts to experience the joy of being a part of a loving church family.

Grieving People in our Congregation
There has been some in our church recently who have lost a loved one. We know there are probably more we don’t even know about. Pray for these people and families as they experience the journey of grieve and would find our church to be a place of healing. Pray we would love them and serve them by giving them time and a place to grieve.


New Community Groups
We are about to launch three new community groups. These groups are vital to our church and giving people a place to be known and loved. Pray for these new groups as they begin this journey of life together. Pray they would lean into one another, share their burdens, care deeply for one another, and grow closer to the Lord together.

We have a great staff team here at our church. Pray for our staff team to be people who are most of all walking with Jesus. Pray also they would be communicating and working together well as they carry out the mission of our church.