We take God seriously, but we don’t take ourselves very seriously.  This is a driving motto around Redemption Chapel. He has called our church to join in the great Kingdom mission – to see many people KNOW, GROW and GO. We take that very seriously. It’s a huge vision, a huge challenge. But, we don’t take ourselves all that seriously. We are all painfully aware that, apart from God, nothing of eternal significance will happen. We are completely and utterly dependent on God. Therefore, we want to pray. We want to link together to link to God. We want to pray Kingdom prayers, to ask for his blessing on our church, to ask Him to act on behalf of His ministry. And we want to do that together. Let’s link together and PRAY!

Every month we update this page with specific prayers with a weekly focus, which you can find below.




New Members
We recently had a large number of people go through Redemption 101 and membership. Please pray for these people as they become new members of our church to lean in and get involved. Pray they find a community group, a place to serve, and most of all will continue growing in their faith.

Worship Night
Our next worship night is happening this Sunday! Pray for our worship team as they prepare to lead us and pray for us as a church to come ready to praise God with everything we got. Pray it would be an unforgettable night of worship to our God.


This Friday we will be having our annual Crossover event with our brothers and sisters from SPAN Ministries. Pray this would be a night of racial understanding and reconciliation for our churches. Pray we enjoy our time together as we get to know one another better and share our stories. Pray we would all leave with a greater desire to pursue racial reconciliation in our own lives.

New Community Groups
We recently launched three new community groups. Pray that these groups would get off to a great start and start building a great atmosphere of community in their groups. Pray everyone will commit to showing up, loving one another, and doing life together.


People with Cancer
We’ve recently had several people in our congregation diagnosed with cancer. Pray for God’s healing, wisdom for the doctors, and ultimately that God would get the glory through the pain and suffering cancer brings. Pray these people would trust God during this time and run to Him for hope.

Foster Care Ministry
We love seeing what God is doing in and through our foster care ministry. Pray that God would continue giving us as a church practical ways to bless the foster care system in our community and also for more people in our church to get involved in this ministry. Pray we can be a blessing to both foster kids and their families.


Being a Welcoming Church
We desire to be a church that makes everyone feel extremely welcomed. Pray for all of us to be doing our part in creating that type of atmosphere on Sunday mornings by going towards new people instead of away from there or waiting for them to come to us. Pray God would continue giving us a welcoming spirit to all people no matter who they are or what their background is.

Pray for unity in our church. As our church grows and more and more people get involved it’s easy for divisions to form and gossip to spread. Pray God would give us a heart of unity as we seek the Lord together. Pray that the Lord would convict anyone who is hindering that unity and that they would repent. Pray for your own heart that you would not be one of these people.