• You may need to get up 20 minutes earlier. Maybe it’s on your lunch break or stopping at a park on the way home. Maybe it’s right after you’ve gotten all the kids off to school.
  • Pick a time that works for you. But, if it’s just before falling asleep and you find that you read two lines and crash, you might need to choose a more effective time slot.
  • Treat it as a phone appointment with God. Protect that time for the sacred conversation that you desperately need.
  • A spot in your house?
  • A coffee shop?
  • A park?
  • Where will you be comfortable, unhurried and uninterrupted? (I know, this is difficult for all of us, but this is what we really need.)
  • You are about to enjoy the privilege of meeting with the God of the Universe who happens to be your Heavenly Father. You’re going to build your relationship with Him through communication – listening to Him by reading the Bible and talking to Him through prayer.
  • The goal is not checking it off but connecting with God. You’re not meeting with a book, but meeting with the One who made you, loves you, and sent His Son to die for you. He is ultimate, so spend time with Him, get to know Him, and let Him speak into your life.
  • Ask Him to speak into your life and to help you understand the Bible.
  • There are many resources that will help you read your Bible. Whatever resources you use, make sure the words of human authors don’t overshadow the word of God – the Bible. Our greatest need is to hear from our Lord, not people. Make sure any devotional resources are simply training wheels to get you into the Bible, not a replacement to the Bible.
  • Pray about what you just read in the Bible and ask God to help you apply it. Try to move past a generic, “God help me apply that.” Instead, specifically pray through the verses that you just read.
  • Confess any sins, asking for God’s forgiveness and help.
  • Pray for the events of your day.
  • Ask for God’s help for issues in your life (as well as the lives of people you know).
  • Thank Him and praise Him. In addition to Jesus on the Cross, you are the recipient of countless blessings. Move from greed toward gratitude.
  • Yield your life to Him each day. Tell Him that He is your Lord. Ask Him to lead you.