Jake Fitzpatrick

Gary Durbin

I was born In Coatesville, PA. I lived the majority of my life in New Jersey. I found church at a young age and always found a way to get there one way or another, either by finding rides with friends or walking the five miles to get there. It was there that I learned about Gods love and His plan for me. I met my wife Gabrielle at a youth retreat in 2008 and eight years later, we got married. I was homeschooled until high school, and after high school I went to a school of leadership in Columbia, SC. In 2020, I joined the team here at Redemption Chapel. I have been fixing things my entire life, from using a butter knife to tighten screws when I was 8 to working on the Graham building in Philly in my 20’s. I love animals and providing homes for them, something my two dogs, four cats, three snakes, and 200 gallon aquarium will show. I love hiking and camping and exploring the wilderness, and doing what I can to fight entropy by fixing things.