Too often spirituality is perceived as something mainly for women, but the Bible is very clear that that is not the case. Since it’s birth, discipleship to Jesus was intended for courageous men – men of depth and character. We want to help our men shine in the many roles of a man: disciple, friend, husband, father, worker, citizen and congregant.

To that end, we as a church want to come alongside you on that journey. The first step for most men will be men’s bible study. This is a simple and easy first step for guys to jump in.  At Men’s Bible Study you will be challenged with relevant truth from God’s Word. It is also a great opportunity to make connections with other men in the church to spur you on in your relationship with Christ.

Additional details:

  • Relevant video teaching
  • Table Discussions
  • Winter Study | January 18-February 29
  • Saturday mornings (8AM-9AM)
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We also offer a bible study called Christian Leadership Concepts (CLC) for men who are ready to take that next step in their discipleship to Christ.

CLC groups forms as God raises up 9-12 faithful men who believe the Lord is calling them into deeper training as a disciple of Christ. Together you will be stretched spiritually, discuss tough issues, stand together in prayer, become accountable to trusted men, laugh together, study together, and grow together.

While most men have many acquaintances, few of us have the close, confidential connections that we want. The opportunity to develop a band of brothers with other men is one of the most needed and appreciated aspects of CLC.

Additional details:

  • CLC curriculum and books will be purchased
  • Meets weekly for two years  
  • Time and location is chosen by each individual group
  • $240 (or $20 a month)
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Many assume that theology is something only the pastors need to worry about. Here at Redemption Chapel we want all of our men, not just pastors, to deepen their theologically understanding. This is the purpose behind Redemption Academy. Men will be able to take part in quasi-seminary classes that will include a mixture of video lectures and group discussions. Classes will start each September and January. You will need to register for each individual class.

Dates: 1/18, 1/25, 2/1, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21
Time: 7:30-9am
Class: Essentials of Church History with Gordon Isaac from Gordon Conwell Seminary

There are a couple of prerequisites:

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