As a church, God has called us to shepherd the whole congregation, which includes married and single people. We realize that being single in a church can be a tough position, so we want to be a church that works for singles as much as we can.

According to scripture, we believe that singleness can also be a gift (1 Corinthians 7:6-8). After all, Jesus and the apostle Paul were both single, so we see great value, honor and dignity related to it. Some are single temporarily and others are called to a life of singleness.

If you are single, you are not forgotten. You matter to us as brothers and sisters in Christ. Our desire is that you not walk through this life alone. We want to help you connect in the life of our church and also connect with others who are single.


Singles (Under 40)
Singles (Over 40)


Singlehood can be a gift from God. Here's a sermon from our Awkward Family series where Pastor Rick teaches about biblical Singlehood.